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Horses Over America: 850 Police Departments New England Wide in 2022/2023


We believe that Horses Over America is the highest impact and lowest cost mental health betterment initiative of this decade. Never in history has the vast majority of police departments in America had the use of horses to address the increasing mental health issues faced by our New England’s over 850 towns and cities. Horses Over America is a creative partnership between our New England’s 850 police departments and 850 of New England’s horse owners who volunteer their horses, trailers and time to change the landscape of mental health in these towns and cities.

After months of testing and research we launched “Horses Over America” in Maine and New Hampshire in 2020 and in Massachusetts in 2021. Our ambitious initiative is to harness (no pun intended) up to 1,800 of New England’s almost 125,000 horses to be used during and after COVID-19 for visiting nursing homes, veterans homes, hospitals, rehab centers, town/city merchants, cancer patients/survivors, Boys and Girls Clubs, assisted living centers, town recreation centers, homeless shelters, military bases, schools and neighborhoods, especially disadvantaged neighborhoods. Our horses are always walked and are never ridden when we visit people. 

We are partnering and plan to continue partnering in 2022/2023 with the majority of the 850 town and city police departments in all 6 New England states. Our partnership with police departments is “critically important” and is meant to strengthen their position in the community while assuring our success in each town and city.

I’ve used my experiences as a Horses Over America team leader in 12 towns and cities in 3 states for a 2022/2023 6 state New England wide rollout.

It’s all so much easier in the age of large and functional Equestrian Facebook groups in all 50 states. I’m a member of over 300 of those Facebook horse groups representing virtually every serious equestrian in the United States.

We are a registered 501C-3 non-profit corporation.

Lieutenant Colonel Gerry Scott US Army-Retired, founder
Horses Over America

Horses Over America