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Strengthening Our Nation’s Police Departments Using Volunteered Horses


The reason Horses Over America is successful is because police departments and the chiefs of police are equal partners in this worthy effort. We directly contact the chief of police in each town and city and utilize them as our primary point of contact. Each police chief assigns 1-2 police officers that schedules our day and escorts us and their preferably 2 unsaddled horses everywhere we go in their town.

Our goal is to strengthen our communities and to do this we work hand and hand with America’s police departments and police chiefs.

The role of Police Chiefs (Departments) is critical for the success of Horses Over America for a range of reasons. They include:

  1. The police department will schedule a 8 hour day for one or two of their police officers to join with our HOA team to visit:
    • Elderly housing centers including nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, assisted living centers, veterans homes, homeless shelters, military bases, hospitals, cancer patients/ survivors and rehab centers.
    • Schools, child/day care centers, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, autistic groups and town recreation centers. To reciprocate to our up to 17,000 HOA team leaders, we make every effort to promote awareness of there nearby stables and riding services. In light of the mass shootings that have taken place on almost an epidemic scale we feel the need to make our visitation to schools a strategic priority.
    • Town and city neighborhoods, specifically economically- disadvantaged neighborhoods.
    • Local merchants, downtown centers & retail businesses. These entities might not be normally be a priority, but because of COVID-19 they are suffering greatly.
  2. It is our goal to strengthen the role of police in the community by providing them with a powerful and forgotten therapeutic tool (our amazing horses) to help bring peace, therapy and harmony to our towns, cities and to our nation. 2)they know all the constituencies we are targeting very well and work with them every day.
  3. The assigned police officer will escort and walk with our team leader and capable horse walking side by side with us as we visit each destination.

Our Commitment to Your Town & City – It is our goal to have two very well trained & virtually bomb proof horses with one/two professional equestrians escort their unsaddled/unbridled horses for up to 8 hours a day 4-6 days each year, for an initial 2 year commitment (hopefully for several years). The goal of our relationship is “long term”. 

Strengthening Our Nation’s Police Departments Using Volunteered Horses
Strengthening Our Nation’s Police Departments Using Volunteered Horses
Strengthening Our Nation’s Police Departments Using Volunteered Horses