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Suicide and Overdose Prevention

US Army Officer and West Point Graduate committed suicide in 2013


Everyday in America, hundreds of our fellow citizens (including 22 veterans) commit suicide. It ranks in the top 10 forms of death for virtually every age group in American society. The rate of drug overdose and drug overdose related deaths is at equally historically high proportions. At an earlier time in American history all of these statistics lessoned by rich level of contact that Americans had with both farm and domesticated animals. Although we do not propose to be able to solve the entire problem it is our belief that the use of horses and our volunteers in partnership with up to 17,000 municipal police departments in 50 states we’ll have a distinct and measurable impact on these statistics.

Many of our nation’s ten million horses and their 5 million horse owners are both capable and prepared to volunteer their services in the pursuit of this ambitions but achievable objective.

Source: Equestrian Quotes