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Role of Team Leaders/ Volunteers

The Role of Team Leaders is ultimately to have what we believe will be the most rewarding experience of your equestrian life by sharing your horses and our shared passion for them with the elderly, the young, the disabled, the disadvantaged, our veterans, neighborhoods, particularly disadvantaged neighborhoods, hospitals, homeless shelters, military bases, cancer patients/survivors, rehab centers, our merchants, and our overall community.

We are all volunteers and we use our “well trained and near bomb proof horses” and horse trailer to visit with and spend approximately 6-8 hours each day, 4-6 days a year for hopefully several years in a long term relationship with a particular town or city.

Role of Team Leaders/ Volunteers

Become a “Horses Over America Team Leader

To become a “Horses Over America Team Leader“ is a simple two step process in our organizations early stages.

  • Step one is to send me an email letting us know which town or cities Chief of Police Of Police you intend to contact so we “know you are out there”. Please tell us something about your horse, horse trailer. You will be representing our organization so please use a “near bomb proof” healthy horse and please conduct yourself safely and professionally. We do request team leaders to sign a basic letter of agreement.
  • Step two is to signup using the online form.
  • Step three is for us to follow up with the Chief of Police to schedule your first 8 hour Horses Over America day.